The Founders


Michael Fox – Executive Chairman
Michael is a Solicitor who has extensive experience in both commercial organisations as well over 18 years running his own legal/conveyancing practice.

This depth of experience led him to challenge the concept of a normal conveyancing business, which tends to operate in a cottage industry fashion, servicing clients predominantly in the local area with all the work being done manually by one or two people, who always appear to be frantic.

Michael’s view that in the electronic age conveyancing should be highly scalable and able to serve clients efficiently and effectively no matter where they were located.


Howard Toomey – Managing Director
Howard is a Chartered Accountant  and he has significant business experience both as a senior financial executive as well as a management consultant, with a deep skill set in designing and improving business processes and systems.

When Michael shared his vision of a scalable conveyancing business, Howard immediately grasped the concept and set about designing and developing the business processes to enable this to happen.

With Michael’s input he has been able to design a system that accepts input from the Easy Convey website and allocates the work to members of the team, monitors progress against performance targets and progresses each transaction through the different phases of the conveyancing process, while at the same time automatically keeping the client informed as to progress.


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